Educators Design Academy

As an educator, would you like to engage your students more? At Idean, we believe design practices can help you in your mission to engage your students.

Idean is in the business of designing digital solutions to real-world problems. We see the practice of design as the practice of problem solving. These practices nurture skills like critical thinking, effective communication and working in groups. Our hope is that you, as the expert on your students and curriculum, may incorporate these practices and even more strongly engage your students.



What happens at the Educators Academy

We recently held a free workshop for Educators in our community to learn about design practices. At our Palo Alto studio, our participants worked side by side with Idean designers on a meaningful design project and learned tools and techniques they can introduce to their students.  

The day was not only spent solving our design challenge, but also meeting other like-minded educators. Our attendees received a Design Challenge in a Box, and a lesson plan that is easily customizable to their students.

We'd love to see you at our next Educators Design Academy. Stay tuned for updates on future dates and locations. 


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