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Idean Design Academy – Empathy Intensive

Leading Transformation with Empathy

There is a direct link between empathy and commercial success. The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10 and generated 50% more earnings.
— Harvard Business Review


At Idean, we know that cognitive empathy is the number one driver that creates resilient, innovative companies that capture and retain loyal customers in today’s market. We love to share great ideas and have developed this workshop to give you a fast-paced and exciting deep dive into our all-time favorite secret weapon. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and dive into an open, collaborative session, other successful leaders. Leave equipped to construct change and drive success with the power of practical empathy.

A new course for creating
a transformative empathy-based strategy

Day 1-2:

  • Understand how companies unlock and leverage the ROI of empathy in today’s market

  • Dissect and analyze corporate empathy fails, and understand your current risk profile and potential impact of an empathy fail

  • Begin maximizing your empathy skills and impact with a highly personalized tactical plan for how to optimize your specific strengths and overcome your innate roadblocks to using empathy strategically

  • Unearth and take command of hidden beliefs that limit your effectiveness as a leader

    • Gain insight through exploring case studies of business empathy wins

    • Get hands-on experience creating bold rituals to drive team productivity through helping them ignite their work with personal purpose

  • Get detailed insight into your current customer and organizational landscape

  • Create a detailed strategic roadmap for understanding your deploying empathy as a transformative tool in your workplace and with your customers

Participants will receive an IDA Course Certification, the Idean Empathy Toolkit, and a 60-minute one-on-one consultation on your company roadmap with Idean.


Thoughts from Academy Alums


Dates and Locations




Empathy Intensive

Thursday, September 13, 2018
8:30 AM – 7:00 PM 

Accelerated Solutions Environment at Capgemini
New York, NY



Past attendees

  • UX Design Manager, Honda R&D Lab
  • Design Strategy, Walmart
  • Director of User Experience, Siemens
  • Senior Manager of UX, LinkedIn
  • UX Team Design Manager, LG Silicon Valley Lab
  • Senior, Product Manager, Hilton Worldwide
  • Global UX Lead, Ericsson
  • Business Advisor, SEB
  • Head of Industrial Design, Rolls-Royce
  • HMI, Technical Specialist, Jaguar/Landrover
  • Director Digital Product Mgt, USAA
  • Head of BMW Advanced Technology Center, BMW
  • Senior Director of Digital Media Product, Accuweather
  • UX Lead, Bosch
  • Vice President of Innovation Network, Citi Ventures
  • Head of Design, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cisco
  • Director of UI / UX, Samsung Research
  • Head of Software, HP
  • CEO, Alma Media Partners
  • Head of Design, Ericsson
  • Executive Director, Hyundai Ventures
  • Global Digital Transformation Leader, 3M
  • VP of Design, Macmillan Publishers
  • SVP, Product Head, City National Bank

Instructors & mentors

Risto Lahdesmaki    CEO, Idean

Risto Lahdesmaki  

CEO, Idean

Michelle Trudo  Director, Idean Design Academy

Michelle Trudo

Director, Idean Design Academy

Jesse Maula  Chief Design Officer, Idean 

Jesse Maula

Chief Design Officer, Idean 

What people are saying


The program is great for anyone who is building products - this is the perfect place to learn, hear from others about those experiences, and how to solve those in best possible way.

—Mika Majapuro, Product Marketing Director, F-Secure


As a Design Leader, what we all have in comm on whether in a small or in a large corporation, is that we have to learn the value of design, and design leadership, and a design-driven organizational culture. And that is something that was discussed a lot here at the Academy.

—Tobias May, Head of Banking Experience at Deutsche Bank


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