As an educator, would you like to engage your students more?  At Idean, we believe design practices can help you in your mission to engage your students.

Idean is in the business of designing digital solutions to real-world problems.  We see the practice of design as the practice of problem solving.  These practices nurture skills like critical thinking, effective communication and working in groups.  Our hope is that you, as the expert on your students and curriculum, may incorporate these practices and even more strongly engage your students.


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We’re holding a FREE workshop for you to learn about design practices. At our Palo Alto studio you and Idean designers will work together on a single project. You'll participate in the design practices we hope you can introduce to your students.  

Not only will you spend the day solving a design challenge, you'll also meet other like-minded educators. Each attendee will receive a Design Challenge in a Box, a lesson plan that you can customize for your students.

We hope you can join us!


You'll Sketch


You'll Prototype

You'll Bodystorm

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Idean Cares about the community

Idean believes in sharing design thinking with our community. We believe a design mindset can help people learn new ways of problem solving, and even pick up a few life skills. By sharing design with our community, we hope to inspire an appreciation for others and a love for creative problem-solving.


We’ve delighted kids from California to Finland

Idean has had the pleasure of hosting several Kids Design Academies from Palo Alto to Helsinki. In these one-day camps, kids have unleashed their imagination and learned as they built.  The day focused on hands-on activities, empathy and collaboration.

I didn’t know there are other kids that are also idea boxes and never run out of ideas.
— Celine, 10 years old
On the drive home, I cracked my dad up with all the ways we thought of getting a cat off the roof — alive.
— Amelia, 13 years old